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Larissa Boyanich
Larissa Boyanich


Meet Larissa Boyanich, our Director, bringing more than 20 years of expertise in marketing, communications and public relations across government, corporate, retail and residential development sectors.

Previously, Larissa served as the National Strategic Communications Manager at Satterley Property Group, working closely with industry mogul Nigel Satterley AM. In this role, she played a pivotal role in shaping the group’s strategic communications, contributing to its growth and success.

After making the move to the beautiful southwest almost three years ago Larissa has since worked as a consultant, while she adapted to her new lifestyle.

Now spearheading Sandcastle Marketing, Larissa’s commitment to excellence shines through the diverse range of services designed to help businesses achieve their goals through compelling and effective marketing campaigns and communications.

Jasmine Minty
Jasmine Minty

Content and Design Manager

Meet Jasmine, a natural-born storyteller who found her first love in the world of cinema. She quickly recognised the magic of a well-told story in its remarkable ability to make you feel deeply understood, all whilst unlocking new thoughts and inspiring horizons.

This early connection to the power of storytelling (and her desire to travel) drove her to the arts and culture mecca of Melbourne to study Screen and Media at RMIT and ignited the spark for a seven-year journey as a travel photographer and videographer. During this time, she immersed herself in world culture, learned the impact of meaningful charity work and honed her skills in the art of crafting compelling narratives, capable of capturing the imagination.

Three years ago, she made the move to return to her roots in the picturesque southwest and wove together her passions for photography, videography, design, and the written word by offering creative support to local business owners and helping elevate their stories.

Jessica Dunn
Jessica Dunn

Digital Production Manager

Jessica brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategy to the Sandcastle team as the Digital Content Coordinator. You’ll often catch her brewing ideas with a latte in hand – never saying no to the coffee run!

Fuelled by a passion for championing local WA business, Jessica’s years of experience in social media, photography and creative content have allowed her to grow into an innovative strategist and creator. Her love for blending creativity with strategy creates an online presence that is impactful.

As a photographer Jess is proficient in visual product representation and well-versed in multiple areas of photography, and you’ll often see her out and about of weekends doing shoots and capturing her Southwest home.

When she’s not busy crafting engaging content, Jessica likes to keep her finger on the pulse with the latest digital trends and experimenting through the lens of photography.

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